Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Final Evaluation

Overall I found powerpoint very easy to use, you were able to affect teh whole presentation by just editing one setting and you could make the presentation look very professional.Adding buttons was proberly the hardest thing that had to be done, but was very effective and useful.Powerpoint is a very powerful tool and I will use it again as it has such versitility. This software is very useful it can add loads of affects within seconds.

The longest part is adding text and infomation and finding the info, it is very long compared to setting up the look and affects of the presentation.

I think that powerpoint is a very useful and powerful tool and i will definatly use it again to create presentations.

PowerPoint Continued

I have finished adding the info into the presentation, but picking all of the animations and transitions is harder as you need to pick relative and appropriate ones that also can be used over and over. You cant use too many either.


Just finised my word document to prove I knew how to add animations and slide transitions. Very easy to add, edit or delete either of these and plenty to choose from.


Creating these two slideshows is quite easy the hardest part is setting up the buttons and relative slide. Also creating the same layout design also on the slides was also quite long and hard compared to adding text, images and anything else.

Evaluation Of Blogger

I think blogger is a great invention allowing people to enter any information they want and edit it and so much more so many people should sign up I recommend it to anyone who is looking to maybe have an online journal or news updates.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Multimedia Coursework

I got told to do this!!!